What Is The Greatest Challenge Your Family Ever Faced?


How Did Your Family Cope?

What was the greatest challenge your family ever faced? How did you and your family cope, survive, and conquer this challenge? What did your family learn from this challenge, and how did it change and impact all of you?


 CommitmentNow:  Dylan, you are only 9 years old and you have already written a book! Why did you write Tic Talk? 


Dylan Peters:  Actually, I am now 12 years old but I was 9 when I wrote the book. I wrote Tic Talk to help others with TS understand that they are not alone and that having tics is not their fault.  I also wanted others to understand what Tourette Syndrome is and what tics are.  I wanted others to know that we are just like them but we live with the challenge of TS every day.  Last I want people to realize that we have no control over these movements or sounds.


CommitmentNow:  What do you hope readers will learn from Tic Talk? 


Dylan:  I want kids with TS to know that they are not alone and I want others to be aware and accepting of those with Tourette Syndrome.  I want people to understand that those of us with TS cannot stop or control the tics that are associated with it. If I never write another book or present at another event, I will be happy with what I have  accomplished to this point.  As long as I can smile each night when I lay my head down and know that the kids, parents and teachers that I have heard from are smiling also, all of the hard work is worth it.  Tic Talk – Living with Tourette Syndrome is a dream come true.


CommitmentNow:  You were diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when you were four years old. What is Tourette Syndrome?  


Dylan:  Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder in which my brain tells a muscle or muscles in my body to move.  That action or sound is called a tic and I cannot stop or control these tics. These tics can be verbal or motor.  I can have one tic or several tics at the same time.


CommitmentNow:  How has having Tourette Syndrome effected your life?


Dylan:  Living with Tourette Syndrome has taught me to be accepting of others no matter what their challenge.  It has also taught me that lots of other kids have a challenge more difficult than mine. It has also taught me that we live in a cruel world and that we often forget to be compassionate and respectful.


CommitmentNow:  At first, you wanted to hide the fact that you have Tourette Syndrome, but then you decided to tell your friends and classmates. Why did you change your mind? 


Dylan:  Many of my friends had started asking why I was making strange noises or making strange movements and my tics had gotten worse.  It was getting really hard to ignore everyone when they asked and the stress of keeping my secret was a lot to handle.  I just decided it was time to tell my friends and have faith that they would understand.


CommitmentNow:  What are some of the tics a person can have?


Dylan:  Tics are either vocal or motor.  I have had numerous vocal and/or motor tics.  Some of the motor tics that I have had include:  head twitching, eye blinking, rolling my head around on my shoulders, opening my mouth really wide, bending at the waist and abdominal crunches.  The vocal tics that I have had are:  repeating myself or others, saying slogans over and over, throat clearing, gurgling noises, sniffing, humming, snorting, gulping, grunting and repeating consonant sounds.


CommitmentNow:  What would you like people to know about Tourette Syndrome?


Dylan:  Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder and there is no control over the tics that are associated with it.


CommitmentNow: What advice do you have for other kids with Tourette Syndrome?


Dylan:  I want kids with TS to know that they are not alone and while it can be very isolating they should always believe in themselves.  At the end of the day I hope they know that someone loves them.


CommitmentNow:  Tic Talk is well written! Do you plan on writing any other books? 


Dylan:  I became a published author at the age of 9.  I am not sure about writing another book.  Writing and publishing can be a roller coaster.  I really just want to enjoy this book and how it is touching the lives of others since it comes from the heart.